Bii and Dino Lee hold African performance for World Vision

ET Today: Bii holds African performance while Dino Lee accompanies

Left: Dino Lee. Right: Bii

As the 28th World Vision 30 Hour Famine ambassadors, Bii and Dino Lee paid a visit to eastern Ethiopia in June, visiting children and families suffering from drought.
– The two even put on a performance in Ethiopia and had a great time with children
– They will be visiting many more countries in Africa as part of their tour

Bii performed his signature song “Come Back to Me” and Dino performed “For You”.
– The two then started dancing with the children
– When Bii chatted with them, they said that their dreams were to be teachers and policemen. This greatly touched him as he said, “My dream when I was young was to be a policeman too to protect my home. I’m just like these kids, wanting to protect the people and places around me.”
– Dino felt even more acutely how small he was after seeing the needs of Africa. “I feel that I can work harder to help them. As opposed to thinking I’m small, why not employ my strength to the best of use?”

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