Jackie Chan comments on potential relationship between Jaycee Chan and Ouyang Nana

QQ: Jaycee Chan likes Ouyang Nana? Jackie Chan: It’d be a nice thing if true!

Jackie Chan appeared at a store opening event today. As one of the stockholders of this store, he’s also arranged for his son Jaycee Chan to be one of the directors of this brand.
– Jackie Chan expressed that the career in the entertainment circle wasn’t a long term plan. He hoped that his son would learn more of business and that Jaycee Chan had been the one behind the plant he banquet later than night

When it came to Jaycee Chan, Jackie Chan said he only had the words, “I’m sorry” for his son.
– As the son of a mega star, Jaycee has grown up with more pressure than most
– As a strict father, Jackie Chan said that his education methods might also make it hard for his son to digest
– Jaycee once called Jackie Chan to wish him a Happy Father’s Day, but Jackie Chan actually yelled back through the phone at him
– “When I was filming King of Kungfu, Jaycee called me to wish me a Happy Father’s Day, but I wasn’t happy at all. I yelled back at him that he shouldn’t call me only on Father’s Day.”
– Jackie’s goal was for his son to call him normally as well, but since that, Jaycee has never called Jackie Chan to wish him happy birthday or Happy Father’s Day

When asked about his rumors with Ouyang Nana, he responded, “Do you believe in rumors?”
– He later said that, “it’d be nice too if the rumors are true. Nana is not bad!”


Cnets weigh in below:

[+2,133] Ouyang Nana, an underage girl who doesn’t attend school or film dramas. All she does is start rumors all day. Liu Haoran one day, Chen Feiyu the other. It seems that many are used to being linked to her. I really don’t understand what she’s thinking, does she enjoy it? And what are her parents thinking? Are they treating a child as a way to get rich? Please, working before 16 is child labor! That’s illegal!

[+456] Although Jackie Chan was wrong, his methods also reminded his mistress that there’s no way a mistress can use a child to become the wife! Wu Qili wanted to be the mistress! At least Jackie Chan didn’t abandon his wife! If he had, more people would’ve spit on him.

[+372] To be frank, Jaycee Chan doesn’t have the bearing or potential to be an actor. He wouldn’t be popular even if he tried. Actors need that natural bearing and potential after all

[+314] These people are so scary. What man isn’t an animal? Will you not make mistakes when you have power and authority? Those who don’t have gone to find call girls, and now they blame those with power and authority for being a ladies’ man? Setting aside his private life, he did indeed make contributions to Chinese movies. So you can’t find flaws in his movies and try for his private life instead? How much time do you have on your hands?

[+252] Look at him praising his wife now. Where was she when you were sleeping with Wu Qili? You don’t take responsibility after having a daughter, how disgusting!

[+157] Although I don’t like Ouyang Nana, but I think this isn’t very likely. Their age gap is huge, and he’s a druggie. Plus he’s not good looking

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