Jet Li clarifies recent condition, does not need a wheelchair

Chinabyte: Jet Li clarifies recent condition. I’m in pain, but I’m not in a wheelchair

Jet Li’s recent charity event appearance.

53 year old Jet Li recently clarified that, “I’m sick, I’m in a lot of pain, but I’m really not in a wheelchair.”
– Multiple injuries after a lifetime of filming action movies have left him riddled with scars, broken limbs, broken noses, spine issues, and muscle tears

His recent appearance for a charity event made fans concerned as he appeared extremely old and fragile.
– Media even said that he was on the verge of full paralysis and about to be confined to a wheelchair
– Jet Li refuted those rumors

He also said that he made a will when he was 37 years old to make the proper arrangements for his wife and daughter.
– “I’ve left my wife a good path and come up with a way so that she can still receive a salary.”
– “Many think I’m just as powerful and strong as those people in the movies, that I’m strong mentally and physically. In actuality, I’m just a normal person made of blood and flesh. I’m even a lot more fragile than many.”

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