Zheng Kai clarifies rumors that he’s not leaving Keep Running!

ET Today: Zheng Kai responds to rumors of him leaving Keep Running!

Rumors swirled fiercely recently that Zheng Kai, a five year cast member of “Keep Running!” (formerly China’s Running Man) was going to leave the show after season 5.
– In a recent interview, he responded directly and said, “I never said that!”
– He also expressed his love for his colleagues and said he wanted to keep running with them!

After participating in the show for five years, his scenes and topics have all been far less than the newly added Luhan and Dilireba.
– The crew even misspelled his name in an April broadcast
– His fans were greatly enraged and felt that he was disrespected
– His recent participation in “We Are In Love 2” and a new show with Wang Cho-Iam have greatly increased his work load. Fans have speculated that he was preparing to leave the show

The wrong character used for Zheng Kai’s name in the April episode broadcast. 

He also expressed that unless the show didn’t want him, he would always keep running with his brothers.

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