Welcome to cpoplove, an aspiring leading source for translated cpop news, gossip, and cnetz/tnetz chatter! There are not enough sites with cpop culture straight from the source!

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Sources for cpoplove
News: A variety of Mandarin Chinese news sites from mainland China and Taiwan. News articles are paraphrased for their most relevant facts due to length, interest, and legal issues

Weibo: Weibo posts are translated in their entirety

Netizens: Comments below news articles for Cnetz (mostly QQ) and PTT for Tnetz

Videos: Official YouTube videos


How do you decide what to translate?

I look at the most commented articles on QQ, most replies on PTT, and most comments on Weibo posts to decide what to translate. I also prioritize requests from the request channel if there is any recent news about that topic.


Why aren’t there comments on all the articles?

Only QQ, PTT, and Weibo have comments in sufficient numbers that make them worth translating. The source of the article is the first thing you’ll see on a post, and if it’s not any of the three, then it’s more than likely there will be no netizen comments to accompany the article.


Why are there no comments on certain QQ articles?

That means there weren’t enough comments to be translated or upvoted. This would make anything translated not representative of reaction to the article and thus they weren’t translated.


Why are the comments so negative?

The negative comments tend to generate more controversy, more votes, and more replies — making them the most popular comments, which is what cpoplove ends up translating.


Why are you so biased against ___?

cpoplove chooses the most popular articles to translate and translates the most popular comments from the articles (the ones with the most upvotes). The site strives to be objective and professional as we only translate what is at hand. If you feel coverage about your bias is too negative, you are more than welcome to send in links to positive coverage and cpoplove will prioritize that translation.

I pay for the site and the server out of my own pocket. That’s a little too much effort and time to go to just to bash someone.


Who are you and what is your goal with cpoplove?

I’m a Chinese American who’s loved kpop since the Hallyu wave grew and saw the vast numbers of sites springing up to support the kpop wave. I felt sad that there were no consistently updated sites for cpop, with regards to news, netizen comments, and rumors and so decided to start my own site. I simply want to make cpop more accessible to the greater world.

cpoplove runs off ad revenue to support the server and maintain the site, so disabling your adblock is greatly appreciated!

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